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Easy and Fun Volunteer Programs for Young People$-Gangdong-gu beings offering volunteer programs for elementary, middle, and high school students this month-Various programs, such as the School Youth Volunteer Training, Saturday Program, etc.


Gangdong-gu (Mayor, Lee Jung-hun) will be running various volunteer programs for elementary, middle, and high school students being in March. A variety of programs, such as the School Youth Volunteer Training and the Saturday Program, are expected to expand opportunities for young people to participate in volunteer activities and to help the youth continue volunteering for their communities.

The School Youth Volunteer Training will consist of about 100 sessions at a total of 19 schools. Instructors will visit the broadcasting rooms or classrooms in local elementary, middle, and high schools to educate students on the basics and environment of volunteer work, and to help them explore areas of volunteer activities in relation to their future dreams.

The instructors will be 40 Gangdong-gu residents who have volunteered in various fields and completed the Instructor Training Program for Youth Volunteering. Students are highly receptive to the exiting and heartfelt training that they receive from instructors who have had on-site experience.

The Saturday Program gives young people the opportunity to participate in volunteer activities in an easy and fun way over the weekend. Starting in April, this program will run on different themes every second Saturday of the month, except in July and August. The program consists of activities that prompt thinking about environmental issues, practicing a green (environmentally friendly) life, and sharing in everyday life. Such activities include making notebooks using recycled paper for senior citizens participating in literacy education and making shopping bags using waste banners. Applications for the program will be accepted every month via the 1365 Volunteer Portal (www.1365.go.kr).

The Talent Sharing Club, consisting of a total of 5 teams (52 members), will volunteer in local community facilities every second Saturday of the month. Each team will read books to and spend time with senior citizens in nursing homes, or run various programs for children at small local libraries, such as balloon art, face painting, and paper folding. These activities that reflect young peoples’ diverse interests and talents will continue throughout the year.

Mayor of Gangdong-gu (district of Gangdong-gu) Lee Jung-hun said, "Gangdong-gu will continue to offer the youth opportunities to participate in various volunteer activities that will aid in their establishment of good values and help them realize the true value of volunteering and continuing to volunteer for their neighbors."

For more information about the program, please contact the Gangdong-gu Office Volunteer Center (+82-2-3425-5685).

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