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romotion of Monetary Compensation System for Collection of Illegal Advertising Materials to Improve City Aesthetics$-Implementation starting in March, for the removal of illegal advertising materials such as posters, leaflets, banners, etc., in streets and alleys-Positive feedback with provision of work to senior citizens and creating a pleasant urban environment


Gangdong-gu (Mayor, Lee Jung-hun) announced the district‘s implementation of an “compensation system for the collection of illegal advertising materials” starting in March to eradicate illegal advertising materials that are indiscreetly placed along various parts of the street, impeding on the city‘s beauty.

The “compensation system for the collection of illegal advertising materials” is a project to compensate for the limits of the existing illegal advertisement control system, which had restrictions when coping with such materials in a timely manner due to a limited number of personnel, and to encourage residents’ participation in the collection system. With this system, residents who collect illegal advertising materials will be given a monetary reward.

The advertising materials subject to collection include the posters, leaflets, banners, and other illegal advertising materials attached to or installed on telephone poles or on the walls of roads, including main roads, side streets, and roads in residential areas. However, flyers distributed in buildings or newspaper inserts are excluded from the targeted materials for which rewards are given.

Residents ages 65 or older and members of the "Illegal Advertisement Control Committee" that is organized in each neighborhood may participate in the collection of illegal advertising materials. The project is expected to provide senior citizens with financial support by offering them a side job and to offer to senior citizens a better sense of pride through participation in the creation of a pleasant street environment.

Participants for the collection of illegal banners will be selected through open recruitment. Individuals who may apply must be residents of Gangdong-gu, aged 20 or over, able to operate vehicles during the banner removal activities, and able to work on weekends and holidays. Participants will begin collection activities after completing safety training related to the removal of illegal banners.

The rewards differ depending on the type of illegal advertising material. For a poster and a leaflet, between KRW 30 and 200 (depending on the size and material) and KRW 10 are provided as rewards, respectively, and the maximum total reward that an individual may receive each month is limited to KRW 100,000. For banners, between KRW 1,000 and 2,000 is given to the collector, and a total reward of KRW 2 million per person may be offered per month.

Last year, with the implementation of the compensation system for the collection of illegal advertising materials, about 3 million posters, 1.5 million leaflets, and 32,000 banners were collected, greatly contributing to the improvement of the city aesthetic. This year, Gangdong-gu allocated a budget of KRW 210 million to fund the collection of illegal advertising materials and the system will be enforced until the budget is exhausted.

Mayor of Gangdong-gu (district of Gangdong-gu) Lee Jung-hun said, “Despite continuous crackdowns, illegal advertisements are still covering the streets. Therefore, Gangdong-gu is implementing this collection compensation system with the goal of solving this problem through cooperation with our residents. Gangdong-gu will continue to carry out tireless control and maintenance activities to eradicate illegal advertisements.”

For more information about participation in the collection of illegal advertising materials and the compensation system, please contact the Urban Landscape Division (☎+82-2-3425-6150) of the Gangdong-gu Office.

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