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The Green Parking Project to Solve Parking Problems in Gangdong-gu$-Subsidy of KRW 9 million offered to each parking lot, an increase of KRW 0.5 Million more than last year-Other various projects to solve parking space shortages, such as the creation of parking areas on unused small plots and the opening of nighttime parking lots


Gangdong-gu (Mayor, Lee Jung-hun) is implementing Green Parking Project this year to support the cost of installing parking areas in order to solve parking lot shortages in residential areas and to create safe alleys for pedestrians.

The Green Parking Project has been designed to promote the creation of parking lots on the sites of detached houses or a multiplex housing units by demolishing fences or gates. Neighborhood living facilities that can be shared by nearby residents at night are also included in targets of support.

Residents wishing to apply for the support must submit an application to the Gangdong-gu Office. A housing unit site will be selected as a project target after a site visit and consultation. The subsidy has been raised KRW 0.5 million more than last year, providing a construction subsidy of KRW 9 million for one parking space and a subsidy of KRW 10.5 million for two parking spaces, with KRW 1.5 million for each additional parking space, and a limit of up to KRW 28 million per site. The constructed parking lots must maintain their functions as parking lots for 5 years or more, otherwise the subsidies must be returned.

According to Gangdong-gu, a total of 2,120 households have participated in the Green Park Project since its launch in 2004, creating a total of 3,793 parking spaces and helping ease parking shortages in residential areas. This year's project aims to install 100 parking spaces in 46 locations.

In addition to the Green Parking Project, Gangdong-gu has implemented a variety of parking space sharing projects to cope with parking problems. Small unsued plots of land are transformed into parking spaces through consultation with the landowners, with the provision of a construction subsidy of 2.4 million per parking space. Each parking area is required to maintain its function as a parking area for more than a year and landowners can choose between receiving revenue from operation or property tax exemption.

Gangdong-gu is also promoting a project to open building parking lots to local residents at night by providing various incentives, such as parking facility installation subsidies to building owners who are willing to open and share parking lots that are empty at night. A subsidy of up to KRW 20 million is provided to each building that can open five or more parking pots for a minimum of two years.

Mayor of Gangdong-gu Lee Jung-hun stated, "The Green Parking Project will kill two birds with one stone, solving parking problems in densely populated areas while creating a comfortable living environment. I hope that many residents who wish to install a parking spaces in front of their homes will exhibit interest and participate in the project."

For further information on the project, please contact the Gangdong-gu Office Parking Administration Division (+82-2-3425-6300).

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  • (Green Parking Project) Before the installation of parking spaces

    (Green Parking Project) Before the installation of parking spaces

    (Green Parking Project) A newly created parking space

    (Green Parking Project) A newly created parking space