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The Excitement of New Life, Shared with Gangdong$-Gangdong-gu selects 9 ideas for slogan to overcome the low birth rate, from competition ratio of 113 to 1-Delivers hope-filled message through production of public video filled with hope to overcome the low birth rate


 “The excitement of new life, shared with Gangdong” is the new ‘Gangdong-gu slogan for overcoming the low birth rate’ created by Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) with its residents.

Gangdong-gu held the ‘Overcoming the Low Birth Rate Slogan Contest’ May 8 through June 7, a program for people and families to be respected and for different generations to sympathize, and a total of 9 works were selected with a competition rate of 113 to 1.

A total of 532 people submitted 1,019 works in the contest. The number of contestants by region were 267 from Seoul (50.2%), 81 from Gyeonggi (15.2%), and 26 from Incheon (4.9%), with 146 residents of Gangdong-gu.

By age group, with 152 contestants in their 20s (28.6%), 148 in their 30s (27.8%), and 111 in their 40s (20.9%), the main age groups for childbirth (20-40s) made up 77.3% (411 people) of total participants.

The youngest participant was 13 years of age (born in 2005), and the oldest 78 years (born in 1940), confirming that the problem of low childbirth was an issue about which all generations are aware and concerned.

Judges of the contest were family and childcare professionals and local residents. The 9 winning submissions were chosen based on factors such as creativity, distinctness, suitability with the contest theme, and objective.

The winning work “The Excitement of New Life, Shared with Gangdong” encompasses the excitement and joy of childbirth while expressing that Gangdong-gu will also share the burden of child rearing. Gangdong-gu plans to make official use of the winning work as the ‘Gangdong-gu slogan for overcoming the low birth rate’.

A public video incorporating the efforts and will to overcome low childbirth is planned for production in order to deliver an effective message of hope to citizens about childbirth, child rearing, and families.

The video will be available on the Gangdong-gu website’s Internet broadcasting station, YouTube, and other online channels for anyone to access, and it will be distributed to the Gangdong Children Center and Gangdong-gu Healthy Families and Multi-Child Family Support Center with high usage rates by families.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun commented, “The fact that there were over a thousand participating works for the slogan contest shows that citizens have great interest in low childbirth,” and “We will produce a publicity video with the slogan to help citizens to gain a positive awareness of childbirth and childcare, and we will work even harder to create an environment where citizens dream of having and raising children.”

Other winning works in the contest included “A City of Hope for Children, Families Happy in Gangdong”, which won second prize, and “The Happy Choice of Childbirth, The Reliable Support of Gangdong”, awarded third prize. The prize money for the contest was 300,000 KRW for grand prize (1 submission), 150,000 KRW for second prize (3 submissions), and 50,000 for third prize (5 submissions).

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