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Gangdong-gu Opens Forest Exploration Nature Playground for Infants!$-Worn out play zone on 2nd floor of Gangdong Children Center → Newly opened as ‘Dong Dong Nature Playground’-Forest exploration theme for infants; come play while experiencing nature's four seasons!


 Gangdong-gu (mayor Lee Jung-hun) has newly remodeled the worn out play zone on the second floor of the Children’s Hall as ‘Dong Dong Nature Playground’, a playground with hands-on experiences for infant development. The opening ceremony will take place on the 20th, with over 100 families with infants scheduled to participate.

The Children Center, first opened in 2007, has now been transformed into a creative nature playground based on forest exploration. It is organized for children to use the play facility, image and figure equipment, and exhibits to feel nature during the seasonal changes in spring, summer, fall, and winter along with physical activities.

At the nature playground, children will begin the forest exploration on a camper and learn about nature in Gangdong and its symbolic objects (plum blossom, skylark, pine tree), and will explore scents and insects, fishing, streams (ball pool), shacks, sailboats, caves, along with other adventures.

 Children will also experience natural disasters such as yellow dust, fine dust, typhoons, fires, and earthquakes to gain awareness of environmental issues and to think about the precious value of nature.

Special attention was paid to safety and the materials used in the hands-on play zone for infants. Nature-friendly materials such as fire-proof materials approved by the fire department and antimicrobial flooring material were used, and cushioning protective boards were installed on equipment corners, walls, and poles along with safe railings for children to run and play with a sense of security.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun commented, “We hope that the new nature playground in the Gangdong Children Center will be a space for children to experience and enjoy various activities, and to foster dreams and a sense of adventure.”

The Dong Dong Nature Playground will open next month on the 7th. Reservations can be made by visiting the Gangdong Children Center or through the website (

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  • Dong Dong Nature Playground

    Dong Dong Nature Playground