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Gangdong-gu Citizens Adopt Trees $ The Gangdong-gu is conducting the Adopt-a-Tree Project.


The Gangdong-gu is conducting the Adopt-a-Tree Project. The goal of this project is to encourage citizens to care for street trees and green belts.

The project was first started when Sunsa Elementary School adopted and began to care for about 4,500 trees in front of the school in 2012. A total of 55 groups including schools, conservation groups, local children’s centers, and families concluded an agreement with Gangdong-gu and are caring for 98,700 trees in Gangdong-gu.

Citizens who adopt trees participate in various activities such as picking up garbage, pulling weeds, watering the trees, etc. Students may earn some community service hours through such activities. Gangdong-gu provides a forest commentary program to groups consisting of a certain number of members.

Anyone including individuals, companies, groups, or schools can adopt trees anytime they wish. Select a tree you want to care for and submit an application form to the Gangdong-gu Office Green Urban Division (☎02-3425-6463) or submit an online application form via the website of Parks of Seoul (

Approximately 700,000 street trees are waiting to be adopted.

An official at the Gangdong-gu Office said, “The Adopt-a-Tree Project is making our community cleaner and more beautiful. We are awaiting for the attention and participation of citizens.”

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  • Citizens Adopt Trees

    Citizens Adopt Trees