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Opening of the Third Youth Club in Gangdong-gu, Seongil Center $ Gangdong-gu opened a sharing space for the youth, ‘Youth Maru, Seongil Center’ on the 8th.


Gangdong-gu opened a sharing space for the youth, ‘Youth Maru, Seongil Center’ on the 8th.

This is the third youth center Gangdong-gu opened since the opening of ‘Seongnae Center’ and ‘Sangil Center’ last year. The recently opened, ‘Seongil Center’ is located at the former Gangdong-gu office. The 53㎡-sized space on the first floor of the former Gangdong-gu office (55 Seongnae-ro, Gangdong-gu) provides meeting rooms and co-working spaces for the youth.

‘Youth Maru, Seongil Center’ is a place where the youth can freely study, have meetings, and prepare for job interviews or even their own business. The center also works with Gangdong-gu’s job center to run various programs for young job applicants. The youth center will especially be helpful for students who attend the nearby college for meetings and various student activities.

Gangdong-gu has been focusing on providing open spaces for the youth since last year. Gangdong-gu is currently operating a total of five spaces for youth including the recently opened three youth centers (Seongnae, Sangil, and Seongil), a job center ‘Café HandSome’, and Seung-ryong’s house ‘Café Fool’. The office is also planning to open another youth center, ‘Youth Maru, Amsa Center’, by end of this year.

It is not easy for a district of a city to open a separate space only for the youth. However, Gangdong-gu decided to do its utmost to provide spaces for the youth where they can turn their passion for the future into realities by receiving support from private organizations and utilizing empty places.

Kim Jeong-yun [CEO of Gangdongieumi, age 31] who often uses the youth centers of Gangdong-gu explained, “Gangdong-gu guarantees autonomy of the youth as much as it can and also actively listens to what the youth has to say” and added, “I believe Gangdong-gu is providing youth policies that are exemplary to other districts in the city.”

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