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Building a Perfect Place to Ride Bicycles Together $ The spring has finally arrived after the rigor of a long winter.


The spring has finally arrived after the rigor of a long winter. Riding bicycles is one of the favorite activities of residents since it is a perfect way to get some exercise while enjoying the warm sunshine of spring.

At the same time, Gangdong-gu is attracting attention by promoting various projects that encourage the use of bicycles and operating a one-stop service center that rents and repairs bicycles.

The full-service bicycle center in Godeok-dong, Gangdong-gu celebrated its 7th anniversary since its opening in 2010. It is a very popular place that caters to about 30,000 residents per year. It is open from 9 am to 6 pm every Tuesday to Sunday. There are 100 bicycles available at the center for rent free of charge to adults, teenagers, and children. Three professional bicycle mechanics also provide simple repair services free of charge.

Gangdong-gu is also operating ‘a moving bicycle repair center’ that provides services for residents living far away from the center. Two mechanics visit neighborhoods in the Gangdong-gu area from 10 am to 5 pm every Tuesday to Friday to repair broken bicycles. For more information on the repair schedule, visit and go to News & Info > Living Information > Living & Education > Maps/ Transportation/ Gangdong Bicycles or Gangdong-gu News.

Meanwhile, ‘Gangdong Bike School’ (926 Dongnam-ro) which provides free safe riding lessons for beginners opened on March 2nd. The school has courses that are equipped with uphills, downhills, crosswalks, zigzags, curves, and traffic lights. The school has been consistently gaining popularity for providing a tailored training program that teaches both theoretical and practical aspects.

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