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Gangdong-gu opens a counseling center for their employees $Opening of a counseling center at 11 am on Feb 1 (Wed.)


  Gangdong-gu will be opening a counseling center on Wednesday, February 1st at 11 am to boost the mental health of their employees.

  The counseling center will be visited by counseling specialists of the Workplace Mental Health Institute of Kangbuk Samsung Medical Center twice a week to provide one-on-one counseling services for various work-related stress, marriage problems, and parent-child relationship problems as well as healing programs including DFD (Drug Free Diet) and personality & temperaments test. In addition, various mental health classes will be provided to improve the organizational culture.

  Gangdong-gu requested the Workplace Mental Health Institute to conduct CIM Care (Comprehensive Intervention for Mental health promotion in workplaces) for 1,200 employees to boost their mental health and help them to overcome their stress by becoming aware of their mental status and stress level and reaction to stress.

  According to the evaluation results, female employees in their 20s who deal with civil complaints, grade 7 government officials with high workloads, and male employees in their 50s who are struggling for promotion had the highest stress levels. Since the evaluation, Gangdong-gu decided to open a counseling center and also gave lectures on mental health and stress management tactics for managers and employees.

Gangdong-gu plans to consistently put in effort to create a warm and healthy organizational culture since their employees must be first be in good health to provide satisfactory services to the residents of Gangdong-gu.

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  • Opening of a Counseling Center

    Opening of a Counseling Center