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The Unique ‘Christmas Tree Made of Mirrors’ $Gangdong-gu installed Mirror X Tree in the fountain plaza of the office.



 Gangdong-gu and Assistar are attracting local residents with ‘Mirror X Tree’ that has been decorated with recyclable materials and mirrors exhibited in the fountain plaza of the Gangdong-gu Office.

 A social enterprise, ‘Assistar’ (a compound word of Assist and Star) meaning, ‘small powers together can become a big star that helps the world’ is a social space design group.


Mirror X Tree is 5m wide and 6.5m high and looks larger than the Junk X Tree that Gangdong-gu exhibited last year. 1028 gold-colored mirrors were attached to 560 plastic milk boxes. The tree is a unique Christmas tree that uses the reflection of the ever-changing shape of the city by people and the sky.


Wastes used to decorate the Christmas tree last year were recycled for the safety fence that surrounds the fountain plaza this year. On the top of the tree, six unusable bike tires were used to embody a star.


A representative of the Gangdong-gu Office explained, “We installed a Christmas tree using recyclable materials to greet the hopeful New Year and provide a new attraction for the local residents” and added, “We hope that all the residents will spend loving and happy holidays.”


Gangdong-gu has been attracting attention by exhibiting unique Christmas trees that reflects eco-friendliness since 2012. The Mirror X Tree that considers both people and environment will be exhibited for 40 days until January 13th of the next year.


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