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The Exciting Night of Godeok Traditional Market! $Gangdong-gu plans to move the venue of the night market from Amsa Market to Godeok Traditional Market from the 2nd of next month.



Gangdong-gu will move the night market that used to open at the Amsa Market to the Godeok Traditional Market from December 2nd (Fri.). Gangdong-gu decided to open the market more frequently to two to three times a week (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)in accordance with the requests made by the local residents.
About 1,500 customers visited the Amsa Night Market per day since its opening at the end of September. Most of them are groups of families, and teenagers with friends who come to eat late-night snacks. Movable stalls selling food including yakisoba, fruit flavor mochi, and coconut pudding, and household items including accessories and aroma oils made it fun to visit the market for the customers.
20 movable stalls will be installed in a row from the entrance of the night market at the Godeok Traditional Market (391, Godeok-ro). The market will be decorated with visual effects that match the characteristics of each stall.
  The reason for moving the venue of the night market that is being successfully operated to the Godeok Traditional Market is to vitalize the commercial district that has been sluggish since the migration of the local residents after the reconstruction of the area. Gangdong-gu is planning for active marketing activities to promote the successful settlement of the night market by distributing advertisements at Sangil-dong Station (Line 5), Gangil-dong, and the Misa District.
     The authority of the Gangdong-gu Office explained, “We are still undergoing trial and error as we just began operating the night market but the market is continuously changing and developing as it introduces new menu items including hand-made jams and barbecued sushi” and added, “I would like to ask for your active support and interest in the night market that will be newly opened at the Godeok Traditional Market”.

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