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Self-supporting Energy$A special space where the dream of becoming a sustainable energy society is shared with residents has been established in


A special space where the dream of becoming a sustainable energy society is shared with residents has been established in Gangdong-gu.
Downstream of Godeokcheon Stream (Godeok-dong 37-5), <Godeokcheon Energy Park>, a new and renewable energy experience space, will be established and is expected to serve as an energy hub that is responsible for citizens’ energy education.
Here, the principles behind the creation of five types of renewable energy – solar, wind, bio, water and force – are learned and, through direct experiences of energy circulation in person, a chance to think together about future energy issues is provided.
The greatest characteristic of Godeokcheon Energy Park is not a lecture-style learning program centered on field trips and explanations but rather, that it is a play and experience space based on a program through which energy issues are naturally and intimately connected to each of us.
For this, it has built an education center focusing on outdoor experience spaces, instead of mere buildings. In 5 game courtyards consisting of a solar energy courtyard, wind energy courtyard, water energy courtyard, force energy courtyard and bioenergy courtyard, the principle behind and value of creation of renewable energy as well as details on energy circulation can be experienced in person in an exciting manner through outdoor exhibits and controllable play facilities.
Moreover, a variety of energy production facilities including sunlight corridor, eco house and energy savings practice information boards can also be experienced.
Near Godeokcheon Energy Park, facilities related to renewable energy such as wind-powered streetlights, fuel cell power plants, biodiesel fueling stations and small hydroelectric power plants are located within a 500m walking distance on both sides of Energy Park for people to visit and view the facilities.
A place where a number of renewable energy facilities are concentrated within a 1km of walking distance which cannot be found anywhere else in Seoul. Thanks to such an environment, the area is advantageous in producing synergetic effects for education in connection with Godeokcheon Energy Park.

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