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Writer Chung Yoojin
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Subject Kick Going, Gangdong-gu and Running an Electric Kickboard Safety School

Olulo, which operates the electric kickboard sharing service "Kick Going," announced that it will operate an electric kickboard safety school in 2022 with Gangdong-gu from July.

KickGoing has prepared a safety education program in collaboration with Gangdong-gu Office to prevent electric kickboard accidents and establish a proper culture of use. The electric kickboard safety school, which consists of theoretical education and driving practice programs for electric kickboards, runs for about 60 minutes under the guidance of professional instructors.

It focuses on the basic concept of electric kickboards, theoretical contents on safety rules related to road traffic laws, proper boarding posture and device manipulation, driving by course, and parking methods.

Gangdong-gu Electric Kickboard Safety School with Kick Going will be held three times a day at the indoor and outdoor education center in Gangdong Bike School every Saturday for six weeks from July 16, and up to 20 people can participate in each time. Starting June 26, it will be recruited at all times through the Gangdong-gu Office website, and anyone aged 16 or older with a driver's license can apply for free.

KickGoing will open its service in Gangdong-gu in July with the start of this safety education program. Based on the stable service and reliability that has been established through KickGoing's direct operating system, it plans to do its best to ensure that shared electric kickboards are settled as safer and more efficient means of transportation.

Choi Young-woo, CEO of Olulo, said, "Based on this case of cooperation in Gangdong-gu, we plan to expand safety programs through public-private cooperation and own campaigns in the future. We will continue to make efforts to create a safe and mature culture of using electric kickboards."