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Writer Jung Yerin
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Subject Gangdong-gu, health care at school! Growing health just by going to school!

Gangdong-gu (mayor Lee Jung hun) announced that he would operate “Moving Classroom, Healthy School”, a Gangdong-type child obesity prevention project to create a child-friendly and healthy city.

「Moving Classroom, Healthy School」 is meaningful in raising the common awareness of childhood obesity by creating a healthy environment with private experts, local communities, schools and parents to reduce the increasing childhood obesity rate.

Gangdong-gu, which is a child-friendly city and chair of the Korea Healthy Cities Council, previously enacted the Basic Ordinance on the Child Obesity Prevention Project in Gangdong-gu in 2017, starting with a child health survey in 2016. After a pilot operation at 3 elementary schools, the project has been expanded to 6 elementary schools for 6 years.

With a healthy city approach that considers health in all policies, the district achieved the splendid achievement of receiving the Korea Healthy Cities Award Grand Prize and the AFHC Healthy Cities Development Award in 2021, the Western Pacific Council. In addition, in 2022, it was registered as an innovation case in Gangdong-gu at Government Innovation 1st Avenue by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

「Moving Classroom, Healthy School」 creates a 'moving classroom' such as a desk for standing and studying at an elementary school in the district, and sets up an in-school game zone to create an environment where natural physical activity can occur while living at school.

At the same time, it supports intensive management through the formation of healthy eating habits through a meal campaign and health education, and one-on-one personalized online health counseling for families.

This year, when children's health care has become more important due to the post-coronavirus, six elementary schools within the district (Gangdong, Gangil, Daemyung, Myeongil, Myogok, and Seongilcho) are participating in concert.

A district official said, "As lifestyles formed at a young age determine an individual's lifelong health, the district will do its best to create an environment where children can grow up healthy through continuous cooperation between the public, public and academic institutions."