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Writer Jung Minseo
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Subject Gangdong-gu Promotes Restaurant Sanitation Rating System to Upgrade Sanitation

Gangdong-gu said it will implement a "restaurant hygiene rating system" to prevent food poisoning and guarantee residents' right to eat out.

The hygiene rating system has been implemented nationwide since 2017, and in order to improve the hygiene level of restaurants, it is a system that designates and operates excellent businesses after on-site evaluation of the hygiene status of the business.

The evaluation fields are 64 items, including personal hygiene management, business hygiene status, and consumer satisfaction, and are designated and operated in three grades (very good/great/good) according to the evaluation score. In addition, sanitary grade designated businesses are valid for two years and are given benefits such as exemption from access and inspection.

Those who wish to have a hygiene grade can prepare documents and apply to the Food Safety Country of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety ( You can apply throughout the year and the evaluation fee is free.

The district conducts pre-inspection of restaurants and free technical support to revitalize hygiene grades.

Planning and inspection using hygiene rating criteria will be conducted on 79 exemplary restaurants in the jurisdiction to encourage the transition to the hygiene rating system. Also, a holding company for rating?It plans to provide free consulting by experts for small restaurants and others to diagnose and improve vulnerabilities for each business to support rating designation.
Businesses wishing to provide technical support can apply to the Gangdong-gu Health and Hygiene Department (☎02-3425-6617).

A district official said, "The importance of hygiene management is increasing due to the revitalization of restaurant use due to the daily recovery of COVID-19," and asked for active participation and interest of business owners, saying, "We will continue to make efforts to create a safe dining environment for residents."