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Writer Yoon Seungyeon
Phone number 010********
Subject Gangdong-gu, Face-to-Face Conversion of Out-of-School Youth Meal Service

Gangdong-gu, Seoul (Mayor Lee Jung hun) will convert the meal service into face-to face, which has been providing non-face-to-face support to "outside-of-school youth" due to COVID-19.
On June 3rd, The Gangdong-gu Youth Support Center Dream Dream (hereinafter referred to as "Dream Dream") signed a business agreement with Wefun to use the mobile meal ticket service "Food Ticket 24." As a result, teenagers outside the school in Gangdong-gu can conveniently choose and eat the food they want at various affiliated stores through the "Food Ticket 24" application. You can use the service if you contact “Dream Dream” and get an account issued.
In addition, "Dream Dream" operates various projects to help teenagers outside of school grow healthy, preparing diverse events such as slogan contest, photo contest, time capsule, and recipe competition to present gifts to participants, as well as offering entertainment including watching NFT art shows at Gangdong Art Center and watching plays at Sejong Center.
Many out-of-school teenagers who took the school qualification exam with the support of "Dream Dream" in April passed the exam and this is also evaluated as achievements of various learning support such as learning classes, one-on-one mentoring, and counseling continuously operated by Gangdong-gu.
Support for transportation expenses is also one of the popular projects. The first half of this year will close on June 30, and applications for the second half will be accepted from July 1. Teenagers outside the school living in Gangdong-gu, aged 9 to 18, will be eligible for support. 50,000 won per session for those aged 9 to 12 and 100,000 won per session for those aged 13 to 18 are paid respectively. If you wish to apply, you must fill out the application form at Dream Dream Center and participate in the Dream Dream program at least twice.
Mayor Lee Jung hun said, "I hope that teenagers outside of school can grow into healthy social members through various support projects at the Gangdong-gu Youth Support Center." "We will do our best to support teenagers in Gangdong-gu with various effective and helpful youth support policies," he also said.
If you wish to need related counseling and to apply for the programs, contact the Gangdong-gu Youth Support Center for detailed guidance.