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Writer Moon Seojoon
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Subject Come to Herb Astronomical Park to enjoy flowers

More than 100 herbs, including colorful lavender, geranium and sage, and poppy, are at their peak at the "Herb Hearing Park" located at the foot of Iljisan Mountain in Dunchon-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul. According to Gangdong-gu on the 27th, "Herb Astronomical Park" was created in 2006 as a park that combines 180 kinds of herbs and trees according to the shape of an celestial sphere connecting the sky and the ground. Even after the construction, it is loved by residents by sequentially increasing various attractions and entertainment contents such as photo zones, frame gardens, observation decks, experience learning centers, and sculpture gardens in the park. Currently, flowers blooming everywhere in May are at their peak in the park. First, at the entrance and center of the park, roses with colorful flowers and sweet-scented jingles greet visitors. In addition, there are various things to see and enjoy, such as a photo zone, a frame garden, an observation deck, an experience learning center, and a sculpture garden in the park. At the astronomical observatory, you can enjoy cherry sage that welcomes people with a red face, pineapple sage with a refreshing fruit scent, apple cider germanium, English lavender, and curry sage with yellow flowers with a subtle curry scent. This spring's herb feast is at its peak until early June before summer. A district official said, "Herb Astronomical Park is the only herb colony in Seoul," adding, "I hope you visit the park and have a time of healing while smelling the colorful herb plants and the scent of herbs from the wind." On the occasion of the Memorial Day holiday, it will be a time to enjoy the peak herbs with your eyes and incense while going out to the nearby herb park with your family.