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Writer Park Seojin
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Subject Support for Social and Economic Investment Fund Loans to Help Overcome COVID-19

Gangdong-gu, Seoul, announced on the 31st that it will provide a total of 100 million won worth of loans to support the growth and independence of social and economic companies that continue to suffer from accumulated damage and inflation during the COVID-19. The loan support, which is promoted with the funds of the Gangdong-gu Social and Economic Investment Fund, is worth a total of 100 million won, and the loan limit is up to 50 million won per company. The repayment conditions apply to equal installments of principal and interest for three years with a two-year grace period, and interest rates apply 0.9% per year. The target is a company that operates as a social enterprise in the Gangdong area. However, companies or organizations that have received loans from Gangdong-gu social and economic investment funds that have lost due profits based on the date of application or companies related to luxury and pleasure industries such as private finance and insurance, real estate and rental, entertainment and pubs are excluded. For loan applications, refer to the "2022 Gangdong-gu Social Economic Investment Fund Loan Plan Announcement" on the Gangdong-gu Office website and submit related documents to the Gangdong-gu Office's Social Economy Department. Loan support can be terminated early in the event of exhaustion of funds. Even after the loan support, the district plans to conduct regular consultations on companies and carefully check ▲ loan usage details ▲ business outlook ▲ fund status ▲ repayment status so that it can be used qualitatively to support the growth and independence of social and economic companies. An official from the district said, "As interest rates are rising sharply due to unstable domestic and foreign situations, social economy companies are increasingly burdened with interest and difficulties in financing. We expect that 0.9% low-interest loans will be of practical help to social economy companies in need."