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Writer Jo Seohyeon
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Subject Gangdong-gu promotes a 200% sharing network project to utilize donations for a warm winter

Gangdong-gu will promote the sharing network project by utilizing donations of "Hope Ondol Warm Winter."

In order to more efficiently distribute winter donations in 2022, the district has established a sharing network to promote various welfare projects, and plans to carry out Gangdong-type 10% happiness sharing, Gangdong Hope Community Support Project, low-income residents' support project, public-private cooperation project, and district-dong Community Security Council. The project will be carried out in cooperation with the Gu by the Gangdong-gu Community Security Council.

The "Gangdong-type 10% Happiness Sharing Project" was first launched in 2021, and satisfaction was very high by providing seasonal household goods to low-income residents at an appropriate time. This year, too, it will be provided in a timely manner depending on demand.

The "Gangdong Hope Joint Project" is an upgraded support for Gangdong-type emergency welfare support projects, and is drawing high expectations by adding nursing expenses to support such as dental treatment, moving, and telecommunication reopening.

In addition, through the "Low-income Residents Support Project," it aims to contribute to life stability by finding people subject to the welfare blind spot crisis and providing funds for living expenses, medical expenses, housing expenses, and education expenses.

A total of 150 million won worth of public offering projects will also be carried out. It was prepared to carry out various welfare projects for low-income residents through a public offering, and plans to establish public-private cooperation with the district's welfare department and institutions and facilities engaged in social welfare projects in the jurisdiction.

In addition, in order to promote customized welfare service projects tailored to the characteristics of the region, a total of 50 million won will be developed and carried out for the district office and the Dong Community Security Council.

Public-private partnership projects have gradually diversified over the years, and the number of projects specializing in the community security council has increased from two to nine, and this year, public offering projects will be carried out to solve local problems.

An official from Gangdong-gu said, "We will try to find various projects to stabilize the lives of families in crisis and promote community welfare in the region, and we will do our best to promote more and more welfare for residents."