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Writer Lee Yunjin
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Subject Gangdong-gu District Youth Culture Center Cheonho Youth Culture House

"Let the kids discover themselves" "I want to make a really good program to find and develop young people's dreams." Chung Chae-mi (15, Cheonil Middle School 3) who serves as a youth management committee member at Cheonho Youth Culture House said on the 11th, "I want to create a program where friends with similar interests can gather together to share information and achieve their dreams together." Jang Hee-jo (15, Cheonil Middle School3), who also works as a youth management committee member, said, "We are having a meeting on how to run the Cheonho Youth Culture House and what programs and events to create," adding, "It's very fun to plan and make the programs I'll use." "After school, there was no space for teenagers to rest." Jang also said, "It was always frustrating because there was no place for students to go in this area except for academies," adding, "It's so nice to have a space to chat comfortably now." Gangdong-gu opened the first youth cultural space created by the district on April 29th, "Gangdong-gu Cheonho Youth Culture House." It is a complex cultural space that fosters creativity and helps healthy growth as a space for youth culture, art, and communication. Cheonho Youth Culture House has one youth director and 15 operating committee members, who are representatives of youth, and it is characterized by teenagers creating and participating in the program themselves. The youth director, voted by the steering committee, carries out various pledges for teenagers. Cheonho Youth Culture House is the first place where teenagers directly participate in the operation of the facility with the youth director and the youth management committee among the youth cultural facilities of the basic local government. Shim Seung-moo, director of Cheonho Youth Culture House, said, "We will create and operate a customized program that teenagers want in cooperation with the youth director and youth management committee." Cheonho Youth Culture House, which introduced the concept of "Youth Playground" (Teen Playground), where students can learn and play at the same time, has a lot of space for teenagers to do various activities. Book cafe on the first floor. Senior Reporter Jung Yong-il Cheonho Youth Culture House is a building with two basement floors and four ground floors with a total floor area of 2015㎡. On the first basement floor, there is a shared kitchen, a club room, a dance room, and a band room, and on the first floor, there is a book cafe and a community space, a sharing place. The second floor has a cultural playground and lecture room where you can enjoy traditional games, board games, and retro games. Future Dream Site on the third floor can experience future virtual career using artificial intelligence programs and virtual reality devices. Media Playground is a place where you can create one-person media content with recording and editing functions. On the fourth floor, there is a multipurpose room and a lecture room, and on the rooftop, there is a space for outdoor activities and rest. Cheonho Youth Culture House will run 65 various programs from May, including youth club activities, educational and cultural activities, community participation activities, and career and job experiences. "YouTube Creator" identifies environmental problems in the region, films, edits, and shares them online to inform many people about how to improve them. "Mukgo" is an activity in which teenagers make lunch boxes and snacks in a shared kitchen and distribute them to the underprivileged. In addition, 'Reply 3089' uses advanced digital devices to conduct future maker convergence education and job experience activities. "The Great Birth" is an experience program that educates teenagers on carbon neutrality and environmental issues, and produces and experiments on upcycle items planned by teenagers themselves.