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Writer Kim Yunji
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Subject Gangdong-gu launches residential environment improvement project for disabled households

For low-income households with severe disabilities in the jurisdiction... Apply to the community service center by the end of this year Gangdong-gu, Seoul, announced on the 26th that it will implement a residential environment improvement project for low-income and severely disabled households suffering from unsanitary and uncomfortable housing conditions. This project has been carried out by the Gangdong Disabled Association as a subsidy support project for the district that has been implemented since 2020. The residential environment improvement project is to install convenience facilities such as toilet remodeling, removing thresholds, and installing handrails to prevent inconvenience in living and moving. In addition, it is also supporting home cleaning projects such as quarantine work and cleaning caused by COVID-19. The target of support is low-income households with severe disabilities in the jurisdiction, and not only self-owned houses but also rental houses can be supported by attaching the landlord's consent form. Applications can be made through the residential community center until the end of this year, and support can be received within budget according to detailed criteria such as ▲ type and degree of disability ▲ income level ▲ number of household members ▲ housing type. Earlier last year, Gangdong-gu supported home cleaning and house repair to 19 households, including disabled households, low-income households, and single-parent families, to improve the residential environment for the vulnerable. An official from Gangdong-gu said, "I hope this project will improve the residential environment of the vulnerable." "The district will continue to do its best to discover various projects and contribute to resolving blind spots for housing welfare."