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Writer Nam Gain
Phone number 010********
Subject Let's go head-to-head with our neighbors to solve local problems... Gangdong-gu ‘Maeul Do Dream Support Project’ Competition

Gangdong-gu, Seoul is recruiting residents to participate in the ‘2022 Village Dodream Support Project’ to create a village community led by residents. The purpose is to restore the village community that was cut off due to COVID-19 while solving local issues by directly meeting with neighbors. In order to form a network of relationships within the region, the district has been focusing on discovering communities. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project name was decided as ‘village knocking’ with the meaning of knocking here and there in neighborhoods and villages that had been cut off so far to say hello and return to daily life. Recruitment targets are groups of three or more residents who live or work in Gangdong-gu, and foreigners with alien registration cards can also apply. However, all three representative proposers must have no experience in participating in the village community support project. activities can be freely applied for projects related to the village community, such as joint childcare, community service activities, poomsae activities, resolving conflicts between garbage and noise residents, and cultural and artistic activities. The proposed projects will be reviewed and the final 125 meetings will be selected in July. Up to 800,000 won per meeting is supported. The application period for the contest is from June 2 to 15, and you can visit the dong community center or submit the necessary documents such as a business proposal or business plan directly to the dong resident center or through the e-mail in charge of each dong. You can check the contents and implementation schedule of the village community project through the video of the public offering project briefing session. A district official said, "I hope that the village Dodream project will serve as an opportunity for residents who have been distant from COVID-19 to share their daily lives and exchange warm greetings with each other after returning from the village."