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Writer Yoon Seungyeon
Phone number 010********
Subject Gangdong-gu Updates

Gangdong-gu has newly updated and published the 2022 version of the "Welfare Work Manual at a Glance." The "Welfare Work Manual at a Glance” is being produced to guide various latest welfare service information at a glance and to increase the convenience of welfare workers. The manual, which began to be published in 2008, includes the major contents of various and complex welfare tasks by age and class in a single book to help related workers or users quickly find the welfare services that they want. This manual contains 91 projects in nine fields, including low-income families, childbirth and childcare, children and adolescents, senior citizens, people with disabilities, health, jobs and housing. In particular, the manual published this year added a project to support the purchase of type 1 diabetes management devices, along with the infant allowance support project called "First Meeting Pass" that pays 2 million won to children born after 2022 and Gangdong i-Mom(child-mom) Taxi service. Through this manual, it is expected that welfare workers will be able to see details of necessary welfare services such as application documents, selection criteria, support contents, and related departments at a glance and to work more efficiently, while residents will be able to quickly obtain necessary information without time-consuming inquiries. The manuals will be distributed to private welfare facilities as well as district office and community centers so that all residents can check them at a close distance. An official from Gangdong-gu said, "The purpose of this manual is to guide more residents to enjoy the welfare services that change every year," adding, "We expect welfare officials to be fully familiar with their work and provide welfare services quickly and accurately."