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Subject Gangdong-gu puts the life and safety of residents first!

Gangdong-gu puts the life and safety of residents first!
: Enforcement of the Act on the Punishment of Severe Disasters from January 27, 2022

[Implementation of the Major Disaster Penalty Act]
The "Act on the Punishment of Severe Disasters" has been in effect since January 27 to punish employers and management managers who fail to secure safety and health for serious accidents that kill workers.
The Serious Disaster Penalty Act is a law that imposes an obligation on the management manager to ensure the safety and health of everyone who works in a business or workplace. Business owners, management managers, corporations, institutions, etc. are obligated to secure safety and health, and in violation of this, they may be punished in the event of a serious industrial or civil accident. In addition, if employers and corporations intentionally or negligently violate their duty to secure safety and health by introducing a punitive damages system, they will be liable for compensation up to five times the amount of damage.

Industrial accidents mean that workers are killed, injured, or sick from work-related work. In particular, a serious accident is an industrial accident that falls under one or more of the requirements such as ▲ one or more deaths, ▲ two or more injuries requiring treatment for more than six months, ▲ three or more occupational diseases of harmful factors within a year. There are 24 occupational diseases, including acute poisoning, toxic hepatitis, blood propagation diseases, oxygen deficiency, and heat stroke, and the Severe Disaster Penalty Act applies to workplaces with five or more workers at all times.
This Act on the Punishment of Severe Disasters introduces the concept of "severe civil disasters," and the contents of punishment for businesses or corporations caused by "severe civil disasters" are the same as "severe industrial accidents."

▲ Establishment and implementation of safety and health management systems necessary for disaster prevention ▲ Establishment and implementation of disaster prevention measures ▲ Implementation of improvement and correction by central administrative agencies and local governments in accordance with relevant laws ▲ Management measures.