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Writer Choi Eunkyo
Phone number 010********
Subject Gangdong-Gu Reoperates Energy Floor in Neungol-Geunlin Park

The Gangdong-Gu District Office announced on the 17th of May that the 'Neungol-Gonglin Park Energy Floor', a place made for the education on current climate change and sustainable, reusable energy, will be re-operating after being closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The Energy Floor has been moved from Go Duck Cheon to the Neungol-Golin Park in 2019 with the purpose of informing the Gangdong-Gu residents about eco-friendly energy and change of its perspective. In the Floor No. 5, an outdoor education experience place of the Energy Floor, the participants can learn effectively about how renewable energy is produced and what energy circulation is through the playground systems. They can learn about various environmental subjects through self-experience and understand more about energy, being provoked a green-friendly daily life. On the weekdays, there are 6 programs prepared including 'The Sunland Cooker-Making My Very Own Solar Cooker'. On weekends, five programs, such as making mini solar cars and wind driven generator are ready, focused on the point of making the participants be part of the renewable energy program themselves. The Energy Floor programs are opened from 10 a.m to 5 p.m on Monday to Saturday. The subjects of this program are for people from pre-school, kindergarten, elementary school and middle school. To participate, you can either make a call to the Energy Floor or ask in person at the park. An official from the Gangdong-Gu District Office commented, "We hope the Energy Floor provides a chance for our residents to think about climate change and renewable energy."