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Writer Cho Eunseo
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Subject Gangdong-gu Establishes Landscape Plan for the First Time in Seoul Autonomous Region

Gangdong-gu District Office (District Mayor Lee Jung-hoon) analyzed the current status of the landscape and completed the project for a year and a half to prepare an identified landscape management plan in Gangdong-gu based on regional characteristics.

The "Landscape Plan" was the first of the autonomous districts of Seoul to be established to lay the foundation for the identity of Gangdong-gu and the future image of Gangdong-gu that can be differentiated from other regions.

The "Gangdong-gu Landscape Plan Establishment Service" was carried out with tasks such as ▲ Survey and Analysis of Landscape Status ▲ Basic Landscape Plan ▲ Action Plan. In particular, the "Basic Landscape Plan" presented specific management plans by dividing the old administrative districts by region and setting Cheonho, Seongnae, Gildong, and Dunchon areas, where buildings centered on low-rise housing types, as "strategic management areas."

In addition, it also suggested a plan to manage the "landscape axis" considering the connection with natural scenery and urban infrastructure such as green axis, waterfront axis, horizontal axis, and road axis, and management plan in connection with station areas and historical and cultural resources.

Specific implementation measures have also been prepared to secure the effectiveness of the landscape plan. It is used for comprehensive inspection by preparing a "scenery guideline" that suggests specific design directions and principles for buildings, colors, night scenery, open spaces, and outdoor advertisements, preparing a landscape checklist when deliberating and consulting.

In addition, based on the types of landscape projects under Article 16 of the Landscape Act and Article 9 of the Gangdong-gu Landscape Ordinance, the Gangdong-gu Landscape Ordinance is being revised to improve the landscape review system and effectively operate the landscape plan.

Lee Jung-hoon, head of Gangdong-gu, said, "We have prepared a strategic landscape plan to form a long-term urban landscape by specifying the management targets and scope of Gangdong-gu, including changes in landscape resources and urban conditions."