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Writer An Shinyeong
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Subject The New Smart Gangdong Logo

Gangdong-gu has unveiled the "Smart Gangdong" logo this month, which contains the will and vision to build a smart city.

Over the past few years, 47 various projects in each field have been promoted based on the smart city master plan, but there are no logos or symbols that symbolize this purpose, creating a logo that could encompass urban identity and vision. It can also be seen as a willingness to present a new direction for urban development through the symbolism of the new logo.

The newly produced "Smart Gangdong" logo expresses the unique identity of Gangdong, a smart city that encompasses the prehistoric and fourth industrial revolution, and shows Gangdong-gu's colorful and diverse vision for the future amid its lively design.

The Gangdong-type design comb patterns and shared icons representing information and communication technology (ICT) are in harmony, and the passion, hope, and energy for smart cities are red, yellow and pink, dynamic and youth, and high-tech and future values are green and blue.

An official from Gangdong-gu said, "We expect Gangdong-gu's own smart logo, which aims for inclusive urban growth and smart green cities, to add vitality to the promotion of projects in each field," adding, "We ask for your interest and participation in creating an advanced smart city at this time."

The new "Smart Gangdong" logo will continue to be used both online and offline, including official documents, promotional materials, application materials, and events which are related to smart businesses, and will promote more active and resident-friendly smart policies.