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Writer Kim Taeyeon
Phone number 010-6********
Subject Gangdong-gu, Cheonho Station Central Bus Stop Smart Shelter Installation

Gangdong-gu announced that it would provide residents with a pleasant environment for using public transportation by installing a smart shelter at the central bus stop at Cheonho Station Intersection in connection with the Seoul Smart Shelter Project, which introduces a state-of-the-art bus stop system. Smart Shelter is a cutting-edge service that solves the inconveniences experienced in daily life due to the influence of seasons and weather, and can reflect the needs of citizens in real time by controlling bus boarding and getting off, platform guidance, and all IoT devices using AI. Devices in the smart shelter are controlled in real time through integrated control, and based on TOPIS information, the Seoul traffic information system, ▲stop location designation ▲screen door opening/closing ▲air conditioner device control, etc. The construction will be completed by the end of August, and traffic congestion is expected to increase. In order to reduce the construction period and minimize traffic congestion, the exclusive median bus lane of Cheonho-daero will be closed and two upper and lower routes will be constructed simultaneously. In addition, as the central bus stop at Cheonho Station is closed due to the smart shelter installation work, the stop line at Cheonho Station will be temporarily relocated and operated to the roadside bus stop in the direction of Exit 5 (25-127) and Exit 6 (25-128) of Cheonho Previously, Gangdong-gu obtained a high response from residents by installing two roadside bus stops at Cheonho Station and Gangdong-gu Office Station on a trial basis. In addition, we are doing our best to significantly improve convenience facilities around bus stops, such as installing benches in places where it is difficult to install a bus stand, and installing heated chairs for cold weather. At the same time, the district plans to expand and install smart shelters not only at the central bus stop at Cheonho Station but also at the roadside bus stop. A district official said, "This construction may cause inconvenience, but we ask for your cooperation to create a convenient and safe public transportation environment."