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Writer Kim Hyowon
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Subject Gangdong-gu supports various self-development programs for teenagers outside of school

Gangdong-gu, which has been pushing for various projects such as operating a youth support center for "out-of-school youth," announced on the 20th that it will support self-development such as English conversation and musical instrument performance. The Gangdong-gu Youth Support Center's self-development program, which helps teenagers develop their own initiatives and specialties outside of school, has a variety of programs for obtaining certificates for the future as well as hobbies such as ukulele. The English conversation program, which began last month, is a travel conversation program for middle school students, and operates a total of 15 times a week by adding remote video conference classes once a week, focusing on self-directed learning using study papers. The ukulele and guitar performance programs start on the 12th and run every Thursday until October. You can participate without an instrument, but in the case of ukulele, you can make your own instrument by providing a production kit, and the guitar is paid free of charge if you take the full course. A qualification acquisition program that can help "out-of-school youth" stand on their own feet and get a job will also be operated in May. Reflecting the demand for obtaining computer-related certificates, the ITQ acquisition process was newly established this year. In addition, safety and health education will be provided so that out-of-school youths can protect themselves from various safety accidents and risks that may occur without notice. In addition, the Gangdong-gu Office Youth Support Center provides medical checkups for teenagers outside of school. Anyone outside of school aged 9 to 18 can receive a free medical examination once every three years. In addition, Gangdong-gu is also encouraging health checkups by holding a certification event to present a small gift to teenagers who have completed the medical examination in line with the intensive promotion period for out-of-school youth designated by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. Gangdong-gu Youth Support Center continues to deliver and support various information necessary for out-of-school youth, such as employment lectures, youth life record briefing sessions, group counseling for out-of-school youth, and basic education, and operates learning classes, 1:1 mentoring, meal support, transportation, health check-ups, etc.