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Writer Jung Yerin
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Subject Smart dementia management such as Gangdong-gu, Brain Doctor computerized treatment

Gangdong-gu Dementia Relief Center directly visits the home of the elderly with dementia and supports computerized treatment using smart devices, which is receiving a great response. The ‘Household Project’, which started last year, is a project that provides smart dementia care services to the elderly in the vulnerable class who are unable to visit the center directly. Cognitive program experts visit the families of dementia patients twice a week, a total of 8 times, to determine the cognitive function level of the dementia elderly in advance, and provide various cognitive programs such as computerized treatment using smart devices in consideration of the cognitive function level of the patient do. In particular, last year, when the corona virus was in full swing, it provided 173 programs for dementia patients and elderly couples living alone, who would have increased feelings of isolation due to limited going out, greatly contributing to improving cognitive function and relieving depression in dementia patients. Gangdong-gu Dementia Relief Center has been conducting various types of dementia management projects for dementia patients and their families registered and managed at the center. We have been operating customized programs in consideration of the environment and accessibility. In addition, various programs to reduce the burden of care are being operated for families supporting dementia patients to support patients and their families so that they can live comfortably and safely in the local community. Song Hong-ki, director of the Gangdong-gu Dementia Relief Center, said, “With this project as an opportunity, we will expand services for families with vulnerable dementia patients who are in a blind spot and strive to prevent the severity of dementia.” If you have any other questions, please use the Gangdong-gu Dementia Safety Center website or telephone counseling (☎02-489-1130) or call the 24-hour dementia counseling call center (☎1899-9988) for detailed information.