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Writer Kim Seoyeon
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Subject Gangdong Smart Campus

2022 Gangdong-gu Smart Campus has opened its classes starting from this 20th. Students in Gangdong-gu have oppurtunities to choose classes according to their own interests and choices they want. They are able to freely join the professional classes which are related to each student's job in the future. The smart classes could be joined by students living in other cities in South Korea more than students living in Gangdong-gu. It is held online by all students from varying districts and cities in Korea. Gangdong-gu has prepared this program for the past 2 years to use the future educational platform between different schools. It is apparantly a shared educational program between numbers of schools.
The first online class has started at May 20th about what abilities and requirements that first-class business corporations want from students from Microsoft vice executive Lee So Young. Total of 12 classes are planned to be held every month which includes 8 classes for high school students and 4 classes for middle school students. 8 top professors from each categories of education from main colleges of humanities and social sciences, natural sciences and arts profession would lead these online classes for students.
Other than students directly listening to the lectures, parents of these students and ordinary citizens can listen to the lectures online by registering to classes beforehand in the shared education platform called "Gangdong Mirae On". Even more, lectures could be watched repeatedly without limits after online classes. Ordinary citizens who want to take these lectures can register in Gangdong Mirae On until May 19th, and for specific and more information, questions could be sent to Gangdong-gu education support division.