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Writer Moon Seojoon
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Subject Gangdong-gu Teaching Korean to Children of Multicultural Families Operation of Rainbow Korean SukSuk-School by grade

Kangdong-gu teaches Hangeul to children of multicultural families who are on the school-entering age According to the status of foreign residents in local governments which was surveyed by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security in 2020, 37.5% (540) of children from multicultural families living in Gangdong-gu were in school age. In response, the district decided to operate the Rainbow Korean SukSuk-School, a customized Korean language education program for each grade, so that they can stably adapt to schools and communities. "Rainbow Korean SukSuk-School" consists of various courses, including emotional intelligence improvement programs, and free Korean learning by level from 2nd to 5th graders for multicultural families. Every middle-income children living in Gangdong-gu is able to take them every Tuesday and Thursday. For preschoolers aged 6 to 8 and first graders in elementary school, the "multiple learning" project is operated to support basic learning such as Hangeul and mathematics. In particular, what has changed from previous years is that children from all multicultural families can receive Hangeul education that is subdivided by age, regardless of income by expanding customized education centered on consumers. In addition, the Gangdong-gu Family Center supports various programs such as counseling, parent education, and cultural activities for multicultural families in order to help children from multicultural families grow into healthy members of the community. A district official said, "We will continue to support various programs to help children of multicultural families develop social skills along with Hangeul education, which is the basis for adapting to school life." For more information, contact the Gangdong-gu Family Center(☎02-477-1366)