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Writer Dong Yeeun
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Subject Gangdong-gu Supports Dream Start Families with Family Camping Sites in Cooperation with the Gangdong-gu Urban Management Corporation

Gangdong-gu announced that Gangdong-gu will cooperate with the Gangdong-gu Urban Management Corporation to support the use of the family camping site for Dream Start families. Many of the Dream Start target families are not at an easy position to experience family outings due to their busy lives, so such a family camping program is vital. Therefore, the Gangdong-gu is to provide children with a place for experiential activities and family communication. Among families participating in the Dream Start project who volunteer, the Gangdong Greenway Family Camping Site will be provided free of charge for one night, one family, one day. The project will be subject to participation in Dream Start Children’s Family for vulnerable children under the age of 12 in the jurisdiction and will be operated from May to November 30th. However, the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month is excluded. Families wishing to participate can apply through the Dream Start case manager before the 3rd of every month of the former month. Gangdong-gu plans to deliver the list of households confirmed in the previous month to the camping site every month. Selected Dream Start families are provided with tents and two mattresses and can use the assigned camping site. Gangdong-gu's staff said, "We hope that this program will help children experience various things with their families, make pleasant memories, and serve as a stepping stone for healthy process of growing up. Gangdong-gu will do its best to provide experience programs that can provide various experiences for children's emotional development."