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Writer Park Juyeon
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Subject Jinhwang-ro, Gangdong-gu, was created as a unique street using night view lights

The night landscape improvement project promoted by Gangdong-gu to revitalize the stagnant commercial district in the 96th area of Jinhwang-ro has been completed.

The 96th area of Jinhwang-ro is an alleyway located between Gildong Station and Gangdong Station, which once flourished as a representative commercial district in Gangdong-gu, and began to stagnate several years ago, and the commercial district declined further due to the prolonged COVID-19.

In response, the district has been working together with local residents and merchants to create a special street to revitalize the local commercial district, and after about a year and four months of efforts since the plan was established in January last year, the area of Jinhwang-ro was reborn as a unique street using night scenery lights.

On the street, 15 Yeolju lanterns, special lighting cubes, and lighting benches serve as security lights and landscape lights, and Yeolju lanterns are decorated with comb-patterned covers, a symbol of the district's historical and cultural resources, expressing Gangdong-gu's unique characteristics.

Yeolju lamps were placed at regular intervals and specialized lights such as lighting cubes and lighting benches were installed to give uniformity of light, and they were created to produce colors suitable for the season.

A district official said, "This Jinhwang-ro night view improvement project is more meaningful because it is a project with local merchants' associations and residents," adding, "We hope that the Jinhwang-ro area will become a commercial center again, and we will continue to create various special streets in connection with local commercial areas."

With this project, we hope that the area around Jinhwang-ro will be crowded.