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Writer Moon Heesun
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Subject Gangdong Youth Startup SPACE Supporting Youth Growth

Gangdong Youth Startup SPACE, which supports the growth of young entrepreneurs, held an opening ceremony on March 28. It is the third youth start-up base space in Gangdong-gu after the Youth Haenaem Center(청소년 해냄 센터) and Youth Work-play Town, and has an exclusive area of about 46평 on the second floor of the Hangang Youth House in Cheonho Station with excellent accessibility. Inside, there are 11 co-working spaces for tenant companies, lecture rooms, conference rooms, pantry rooms, and QA zones.
Gangdong Youth Startup SPACE provides young entrepreneurs with a cheap work space and supports technology, management consulting, and networking to help stable management and growth. Three young companies selected in consideration of their business performance and growth potential have completed their inhabitant and started their work. In the future, it plans to support various start-up competency programs and start-up support services for reserve entrepreneurs and young people interested in starting businesses.

"The rent is cheap and the location is good."
I develop board game-related services and interactive content production software. Moving in here is very helpful in terms of work space and rent, and there are many related companies in Gangdong-gu, so the location is really good. In the future, we are trying to grow into a global company through collaboration with various countries.

"Personal space is well-equipped"
Minwyle(민와일) is a brand that makes comfortable and simple women's underwear and pajamas. I was in a start-up space in another region and moved here, and the building is clean and it is better to have private spaces such as partitions and lockers. In the future, we plan to expand our product line through various attempts such as summer running and pajamas.

"It's easy to have a business meeting because it's accessible"
We are making various herbal products such as herbal tea and moisturizers. It's nice to be able to work here with more team members, and it's closer to Cheonho Station, so it's better to have meetings with outside guests. In the future, we are planning to grow into the No. 1 brand in Korea by expanding the scope of our business, such as herbal snacks for pets.