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Writer Go Eunsu
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Subject Handprinting Event to Celebrate the Creation of Gangdong Sports Street

Gangdong-gu held an Olympic medalist handprinting on April 27 (Wednesday) to commemorate the creation of the "Gangdong Sports Street."
The "Gangdong Sports Street" project was promoted to revitalize the alley economy by creating a sports-themed specialized street in alleys that students of Korea National Sport University enjoy.
This handprinting was promoted to create a "handprinting wall" for Olympic medalists from Korea National Sport University ahead of the construction of the "Gangdong Sports Street" project.
Professor Kim Jin-ho, a 84 LA Olympic bronze medalist and professor at Korea Sports University, Yang Hak-sun, a 2012 London Olympics gymnastics gold medalist, and Jang Jun, a 2021 Tokyo Olympics bronze medalist, attended the event.
In the future, additional hand printing will be carried out to include the hand printing of 20 Olympic medalists from Korea sports universities.
Meanwhile, the "Gangdong Sports Street" construction project was designed with a business agreement with Korea Sports University in July last year, and is scheduled to start construction in May this year.
In the street, a total design and guidance system for sports streets using alley floors, fences, and telephone poles will be introduced, and in particular, dynamic streets will be created to create a high-strength LED junction glass wall that creates a moving sports silhouette using existing fences.
Lim Sung-hyuk, head of the urban landscape department, said, "The symbol of the street will be further strengthened through the handprinting of Olympic medalists to commemorate the creation of the Gangdong Sports Street."
This project will contribute not only to revitalizing alleys but also to the development of the sports world by creating specialized streets that reflect regional characteristics near the Korea Sports University.