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Writer Lee Dongwon
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Subject Gangdong-gu expands support for purchasing electric bicycles

Gangdong-gu announced that it would expand the '2022 electric bicycle purchase cost support project' to increase the bicycle's mode of sharing and revitalize the local economy.

The ‘E-bike purchase cost support project’ is a project that provides support for 1 to 300,000 won per household when purchasing an electric bicycle of 1.5 million won or less that can be used on bicycle roads.

The district's 2021 electric bicycle purchase cost support project received a great response, and this year, it will expand the support target and support the purchase cost of 150 bicycles. However, providing 30 bikes for the underprivileged first.

Applicants are limited to 18 years of age or older and have lived in Gangdong-gu continuously for more than two years with resident registration. The application deadline is Friday, the 29th. The subsidy is limited to products purchased at a bicycle sales office in Gangdong-gu to revitalize the local economy and cannot be purchased online.

Those who wish to support the purchase cost of an electric bicycle can apply on the Gangdong-gu Office website. However, if you are a vulnerable group (recipients, lower-class people, the disabled, people of national merit, etc.), you can apply through the local community center.

For general support, 120 preliminary candidates are selected through an electronic lottery to verify their eligibility and then purchase costs are supported. For more information, please refer to the notice on the Gangdong-gu Office website (introduction to Gangdong 'Guidance News' Notice/Announcement).

Mayor Lee Jung hun, said, "I hope that the electric bicycle purchase cost support project will increase the bicycle's mode of sharing ratio, improve the health of residents, and contribute to revitalizing the local economy."