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Writer Chung Yoojin
Phone number 010********
Subject Gangdong-gu to normalize the operation of Amsa-dong Historic Site Program in Seoul

Gangdong-gu announced that it will normalize the operation of the historic site program in Amsa-dong, Seoul, which had been temporarily suspended due to the spread of COVID-19.

It has resumed its cultural tourism commentary program and pre-experience program, and plans to hold pre-experience events to commemorate Children's Day on May 5.

The Culture and Tourism Commentary Program is a program in which a professional commentator explains the ruins of Amsa-dong and the prehistoric museum in Amsa-dong, Seoul, for elementary school students and adults. It takes 50 minutes from the main gate to the Yugu Protection Hall to the Experience Center to the Museum Course, and is operated four times a day (10:00, 12:00, 14:00, and 16:00). The number of spectators is less than 30 per session, and in the case of group reservations for 30 or more, a general explanation is provided for about 15 minutes. It is operated as a pre-booking system through the website of the ruins of Amsa-dong, Seoul, and on-site applications are also available depending on the situation.

The "prehistoric experience program" is for infants and children. ▲Making earthenware ▲Making a hut ▲Finding a prehistoric treasure ▲Painting an earthenware necklace ▲Coloring an earthenware necklace (bow/arrow) ▲Collection experience ▲Earthenware restoration experience ▲Exploring experience. On weekdays, it is operated by a reservation system (10 or more people), and on weekends, you can participate in the program by making a reservation on the website or on-site application.

In addition, in celebration of Children's Day, a Children's Day Prehistoric Experience Event will be held for infants and children. On May 5, prehistoric experience classes and outdoor experience programs will be held from 10 p.m. to 17 p.m., and experience kits will be sold at a 50% discount. However, the experience kit may be closed early depending on the situation.

A district official said, "We hope that visitors to the ruins of Amsa-dong, Seoul, will have a healing time through various programs," adding, "We ask for your attention to the registration of Amsa-dong ruins in Seoul."

For more information, check the website of the ruins in Amsa-dong, Seoul, or contact the Culture and Arts Department of Gangdong-gu Office.