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Writer Park Sejin
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Subject Gangdong-gu implements 'Workplace where women make happiness together' project

Gangdong-gu District (Mayor Lee Jung hun) announced that it will implement a "workplace where women make happiness together" project in earnest to enhance the self-reliance of women in the employment-vulnerable group during the 2022 community innovation project.

Through the collaboration of Gangdong-gu Office and Sonya's home and social enterprises, professional education for women in the employment-vulnerable class in the blind spot of social welfare is provided, and programs for continuous job support are provided.

This project will provide professional counseling training to acquire skills and promote friendship through cooperatives and social enterprise instructors in Angel Workshop in Gangdong-gu.

Coffee barista education has organized a curriculum in consideration of the possibility of expanding the coffee beans roasting business and the realistic employment of participants, and florist education will also be conducted with certification preparation training centered on job and start-up classes.

Participants in the training will acquire production skills through basic training for two months and three hours a week, and will be employed as jobs at Gangdong-gu Angel Workshop and social enterprises through an internship period for two days and three hours a week for the next six months.

The district will support them to maintain stable independence through public-private cooperation projects, and provide collective psychological counseling and treatment services to help participants maintain stable participation in education and employment.
Among the unemployed women, the recruitment targets are those who are vulnerable to employment, such as career-interrupted women, marriage migrant women, single-parent families, and women affected by prostitution. However, after completion of education, the willingness to work and employment activities to related industries must be possible. To confirm the willingness to participate, the final successful candidate will be selected after the interview.

Sonya's home, a women's human rights counseling center, is recruiting participants until May 4th, and education costs will be fully supported. To apply, download the application form for participation in the Gangdong-gu Public-Private Cooperation Project Vocational Training Course on Sonya's website (community> announcement) and submit it by e-mail ( For more information, contact Sonya's House of Women's Human Rights Counseling Center (☎02-474-0746).

Lee Jung hun, mayor of Gangdong-gu District Office, said, "We will do our best to strengthen the self-reliance capacity of the socially disadvantaged in the region through public-private cooperation and to create jobs and revitalize the local economy."