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Subject Gangdong-gu Farmix Garden opens at night with colorful lights

Gangdong-gu has opened a Farmix Garden that operates at night times with colorful lights.

The Farmix Garden, a new theme park site located in our neighborhood of Gangdong-gu is now open at night with colorful lights. This site will be a nature-friendly space that is also urban, agricultural, and cultural, and will be open at night until 10 pm.

In March this year, Gangdong-gu decided to change the Munyeon-themed garden Farmix Garden and extend its operating hours to support the recovery of the daily life of its residents after the COVID-19. The previous operating hours of this Farmix Garden were only until 6 pm, but now it is open every Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm until the beginning of October. It is also on Sundays and public holidays, and on these days the use of the vegetable garden and walks are additionally possible.

Starting with the Welcoming Gate, Farmix Garden has various types of themed gardens such as a hosta garden and a cypress forest along a small promenade. In addition, shelters for residents have been built in lots of different places, including sunbeds to rest in.

In line with the expansion of the nighttime operation, urban lighting has been installed throughout the theme garden, cypress forest, and deck terrace. In addition, emergency alarm bells and CCTV for security have been installed so that residents can walk through the garden safely even when it is late at night.

The mayor of Gangdong-gu, Lee Jung hun, said, “I hope that the opening of the Farmix Garden at night will be an opportunity that can bring a healing, comforting time for residents so that they can rest and comfort their minds after a tiring long day. I will definitely make sure that this hope can be realized for the residents of our Gangdong-gu” he said.