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Writer Kim Junhee
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Subject Gangdong-gu District Art Company, let's participate together!

Spring has already come when flowers bloom. A lot of things are starting in the fresh spring. In 2022, Gangdong-gu is recruiting new members of the Gangdong-gu District Art Company. In 2022, the Gangdong-gu District Art Group recruited and operated new members to provide residents with opportunities to enjoy high-quality local culture and arts performances and contribute to the development of local culture and arts in Gangdong-gu.

The recruitment areas include the Women's Choir, Senior Choir, Youth Symphony Orchestra, and the District Folk Art Troupe (Korean Music, Dance, and Pungmul). Since the number of applicants, age of application, qualifications, video screening songs, and screening methods are different for each field, it would be better to refer to the website accurately. This Gangdong-gu District Art Troupe can apply from Wednesday, April 6th to Monday, April 25th at 6pm.

On-site applications and e-mail applications are available, and you can go to the Culture and Arts Department on the 4th floor of Gangdong-gu Office for on-site applications. We recommend that you save the video file as an mp4 file and submit it. As for the documents to be submitted to participate, you can submit the necessary documents for each field, such as application form, proof photo, resume, certificate of enrollment, and certificate of graduation from related major universities. The judges are composed of entertainment judges by art organizations.

The announcement of successful applicants will be posted on the website of Gangdong-gu Office within 7 days of the video review. If you want to spread your dreams and talents and participate in Gangdong-gu's contribution to the development of culture and arts, we ask for your participation and interest. I'm waiting for a new unit full of passion. Thank you.