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This bulletin board is a space for posting memories in Gangdong-gu or for making suggestions. Postings that contain obscene language, violence, slander, commercial materials or election-related content may be deleted without prior notice. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a sound and pleasant environment.

Writer Kim Minho
Phone number 010********
Subject communication and harmony space organized by residents

Communication and harmony space organized by residents
: With the birth of Cheonho 1-dong Village Broadcasting Station, the Gangdong Village Record Exhibition Hall Spring exhibition will be held...

[Village broadcasting station in Cheonho 1-dong]
The empty space of the community center in Cheonho 1-dong, Gangdong-gu, has been reborn as a wonderful space for residents through remodeling. The Crossing Senior Citizens' Center, located on the first basement floor of Cheonho 1-dong Community Center (59, Gucheon-myeon-ro 42-gil), was relocated in November last year, turning about 34 pyeong of existing space into a resident-led village broadcasting station and a resident-sharing program room. It is literally a "village broadcasting station" that shares information about our neighborhood and produces broadcast programs that residents can participate in together. Various broadcasting content-related education such as making YouTube videos and running podcasts is also provided to residents interested in YouTubers, and broadcasting equipment can be rented at low rental fees. With the story I wrote, the song I applied for, the village broadcasting station will be operated, making Cheonho 1-dong a more enjoyable and fun neighborhood. Songs written and composed by residents of Cheonho 1-dong can be viewed on YouTube or Melon.

[Town's energy center full of laughter and chatter]
In addition to small group rooms and program rooms where you can talk with your neighbors or engage in community activities, there are various spaces such as a shared childcare space for children, a shared kitchen for cooking in a comfortable kitchen, and a multipurpose room for singing and dancing practice. Cheonho Vitality Center, a base-type village vitality center, has a village record center and holds various exhibitions. If you want to use it, you can make a reservation by phone, and the fee is 10,000 won per hour, and Gangdong-gu residents will be given a 50% reduction.