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Writer Chung uie yoon
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Subject Gangdong-gu provides medical support for vulnerable pets...Up to two per household.

Application for 30 first-come, first-served animals in the first half of the year...300,000 won worth of essential medical treatment

Gangdong-gu, Seoul, announced on the 15th that it will push for the "Our Neighborhood Animal Hospital" project to provide essential animal care such as vaccination to vulnerable pets starting this month.

As a result of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's pilot project last year, it led to positive effects such as not only improving the health of pets but also emotional stability of the vulnerable.

Starting this year, Seoul and Gangdong-gu will support costs together, and some costs will be supported through talent donations from animal hospitals that have signed designated agreements.

On the 25th of last month, four places in Gangdong-gu (Garam Animal Hospital, Zion Animal Hospital, Royal Animal Medical Center, and Jurassic Animal Hospital) were designated as "our neighborhood animal hospitals" and signed an agreement with the district.

Since the previous day, 30 applications have been received on a first-come, first-served basis.

Subject to application are basic livelihood recipients and the next-highest class among Gangdong-gu residents, and dogs must be registered as animals. Unregistered dogs can receive support after animal registration.

Medical support is provided to up to two animals per household.

Essential medical treatment supports basic medical checkups, vaccinations, and heartworm prevention drugs worth about 300,000 won. You can pay 5,000 won and up to 10,000 won per visit.

Selective treatment that supports treatment or neutralization surgery for symptoms and diseases found during the basic examination process will be provided 200,000 won, and the remaining amount will be borne by the person.

When the application is completed, you can visit a designated animal hospital on the designated date to submit your ID card, animal registration card, medical support application form, and evidence of the vulnerable (receiver's certificate, next-highest class confirmation) and receive medical treatment.