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Writer Kim Yunji
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Subject Gangdong-gu, which values promises with residents...Special lectures on manifestos for employees are held

Gangdong-gu mayor Lee Jung hun , held a special lecture on the manifesto on March 14 (Mon) for about 100 employees, including those in charge of pledge projects.

In this special lecture, not only 30 people in charge of pledge projects but also 70 employees from all departments participated online, sharing various policy cases due to changes in policy conditions and increased demands for social value.

Lee Kwang-Jae, secretary-general of the Korea Manifesto Practice Headquarters, stressed how to secure democracy in the pledge implementation plan, the trend of the times, and the role of autonomous districts in the response under the theme of "proposal to establish an effective pledge management system." In addition, the responsibility of the person in charge of the pledge project was improved so that the pledge project could be promoted more actively.

Meanwhile, Gangdong-gu is promoting 71 pledge projects under the three major goals of new Gangdong / Gangdong made together / Gangdong enjoyed by everyone, and as of the fourth quarter of 2021, it has a high pledge fulfillment rate of 84.5% (60 pledge projects completed).

In particular, it is making great achievements by working hard to create an economy, transportation, and pleasant residential environment that touches residents' daily lives, such as realizing Gangdong-type spatial welfare, completing three heart projects such as Godeok Biz Valley, etc.
In 2013, the district enacted the Gangdong-gu Seoul Metropolitan Government Basic Ordinance on Pledge Practice for the first time in Seoul, leading to the establishment of an institutional basis for pledge projects with residents.

In addition, it achieved the highest grade for three consecutive years in the manifesto pledge execution and information disclosure evaluation organized by the Korea Manifesto Practice Headquarters through systematic pledge management, such as disclosing the status of pledge fulfillment and pledge performance evaluation on the old website.

As the pledge is a 'public contract' announced to residents, we are always doing our best to faithfully implement it without losing our original intentions, said mayor Lee Jung hun.