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Writer Hong Jiyeon
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Subject A little consolation from plants, Handeul Handel Garden Shop

1st Youth Attic Workshop, operating a gardening class from basic to advanced and selling rare plants

Young craftsmen gathered in Gucheon-myeon-ro. The five 'Youth Attic Workshop', which opened at the end of last year, are the focal points for making the Gucheon-myeon-ro a walkable cultural street. Taking advantage of the passion and expertise of young people, we will introduce one youth attic workshop every month, which offers a variety of products and programs, from rare plants to textile crafts, makeup, candles, and baking.

As activities are restricted due to COVID-19, many people are looking for activities and hobbies that they can enjoy indoors. In particular, recently, after companion animals, companion plants are attracting attention. Watching new shoots sprout from plants nurtured with love will give you peace of mind, and you can expect interior decoration and air purification effects. A 'Sik Tech' that breeds rare plants to make a profit has also appeared.
‘Handeul Handel Garden Shop’, the first branch of Gangdong-gu Youth Attic Studio, which moved into Gucheon-myeon-ro in December of last year, is a space that delivers small comforts from plants. In addition to selling rare indoor plants that suit each person's taste, various gardening classes from basic to advanced are also offered. Beginners can learn step-by-step from how not to kill plants, such as watering, how to prevent pests and diseases, and learn step-by-step through practice, from cuttings to propagate rare plants and importing and growing rare plants from abroad.
When daily life is boring, when you are tired from busy life and need healing, how about enjoying a little rest with green plants?