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Writer Choi Eunkyo
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Subject Flea Market Opening in the 29th of March

Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung Hun) claimed to be opening a resource circulating flea market at the Yeolin-Dduel (Opened Yard, where the Light Playground is located) upcoming Tuesday, March 29, starting from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. The flea market is an open communicating place to feel the joy of sharing together and recycle used items. Any residents of Gangdong-gu can participate, and enjoy the chance of being seller and the subject of sharing culture. Also, part of the income gathered through this market will be used for the neighbors in need, such as a scholarship.
The event will also introduce various resource-circulating systems like rightful recycling and the separation of transparent plastic and vinyl to the residents in a fun and easy way. The used marketplace that sells handmade products and miscellaneous goods will be collaborating with the Gangdong-gu CO2 Free 2050 Promotion Team for this. Also, a mini-concert for healing will be provided to bring mental peace and relaxation for the residents tired of the long COVID-19 pandemic.
Mayor Lee Jun Hun stated, "We hope this flea market can emphasize the meaning of CO2-free and form a resource-circulating community with our neighbors." The marketplace will be operated under strict health control for the prevention of COVID-19 by wearing masks and placing hand sanitizers. Gangdong-gu has previously opened a flee market in the 17th of November in 2020. Opening events like for the sustainable environment when there is lack of information about recycling known to ordinary people will be a meaningful opportunity. Plus, neighbors will have a chance for communication face-to-face in a situation when it became extremely hard to meet each other offline.