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Writer Lee Dongwon
Phone number 010********
Subject Gang Dong-gu, recruiting members of the 7th Children Participation Group

Gangdong-gu, Seoul is recruiting members of the ‘7th Gangdong-gu Children’s Gu Office Participation Group’ to promote children’s rights and interests from the 7th to the 25th.

The Gangdong-gu Children's Relief Participation Group, consisting of about 30 members, directly examines the situation of children's rights in the region as Gangdong-gu residents and members of the local community and makes recommendations so that the results can be reflected in policy establishment and project process.

In particular, they discover novel policies for children in the local community or participate in various children and youth events to promote children's rights and interests.

In addition, it directly participates in Gangdong-gu by conducting various activities such as pre-examination of the youth participatory budgeting system, regular meetings, workshops, and publication of the newsletter of the Child and Youth Participation Organization.

The application period is from 7th to 25th, and anyone between the ages of 9 and 18 who lives in Gangdong-gu or is enrolled in a school in the district can apply.

There are two methods of recruitment: open recruitment and institutional recommendation. Download the application form from the website of Gangdong-gu Office and submit it via e-mail ( or visit.

The results will be available on the website of the Gangdong-gu Office on the 30th, and they will be active for about one year, starting with the launch ceremony next month and ending in March next year. When selected as a member, a letter of appointment a membership certificate is awarded, and an excellent member is awarded a commendation from the mayor.

mayor Lee Jung hun said, “If children become directly involved in child policy and participate in the administration, it will be a good opportunity to come up with more meaningful and novel policies. .” he said.

Contact the Children and Youth Division of Gangdong-gu Office (02-3425-5773) for more information.