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Subject Gangdong-gu creates a happy educational city with the balanced support of customized educational projects and universal educational welfare for each school

Gangdong-gu has decided to provide a total of 12.8 billion won in education expenses subsidies to 93 kindergartens, elementary, middle, high, and special schools to create Gangdong, a happy educational city.

In order to strengthen public education competitiveness through customized support for each school, the district increased education expenses subsidies by about 1.8 billion won this year compared to last year, and decided on detailed projects and subsidies for each school after deliberation on February 25 (Fri).

The main support details are about 1.33 billion won, including improvement of the ▲ school environment, program operation, and special school learning assistants, 450 million won for the Happy School Project we dream of, 500 million won for fostering ▲ prestigious high school, 390 million won for ▲ kindergarten, and about 6.77 billion won for new students.

In addition, educational expenses subsidies will be provided for various projects, including 40 million won to participate in ▲ foreign language programs, 130 million won to support counselors at ▲ middle schools, 30 million won to support ▲ parents' association activities, and 40 million won to support youth sports activities.

This year, in particular, it will focus on supporting customized educational projects for each school that reflect the demand of the school field.

First of all, five disabled student assistants will be provided to special schools, which are expected to fill the gap in school life support for disabled students, which is insufficient by special education practitioners alone.

In addition, accounting assistants are provided to private kindergartens. There have been many difficulties in the kindergarten field due to the mandatory use of the private kindergarten national management accounting system (Edufine) introduced in 2020, and accounting assistants have been supported since October last year to establish stable kindergarten accounting work. It is actually helping to strengthen the transparency of kindergarten accounting and stabilize the operation of private kindergartens, which have increased operational difficulties due to the prolonged COVID-19.

Universal educational welfare also further expands and supports a wide range of subjects.

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and the district will jointly pay for free eco-friendly meals provided to all elementary, middle, high and special schools last year. It is expected that the expansion of eco-friendly free meals will not only provide quality and safe food to our future children, but also reduce the economic burden on parents.

In addition, starting this year, the target of admission reserve support will be expanded to new elementary school students. Admission reserves are a representative free education policy as the first school uniform purchase fee project implemented by Gangdong-gu in 2018 spread throughout Seoul.

We will continue to listen to the voices of the school site to promote substantial education projects in the future, said mayor Lee Jung hun. "Based on Gangdong's educational welfare system, we will move toward Gangdong, an educational city where no one is alienated."