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Writer Choi Jiho
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Subject Publication of guidebooks by Gangdong-gu to make it easier to understand the labor law.

Han, who lives in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, has been working at A restaurant for three months. When entering restaurant A, he heard about the wages or working hours, but he did not write a labor contract. He said he would write it next time even though the employer asked him to write a labor contract with because the reason why he entered the restaurant is the intention of learning hard to start a business of his own later. However, Mr. A recently came to think that he should write a labor contract to continue working here. The question is whether to write a labor contract with the date of three months ago or now, but there is no place to ask.

It looks like residents of Gangdong-gu will be able to relieve these concerns a little. The 'Kind Labor Law Guide for Gangdong-gu Residents', published by Gangdong-gu on the 28th, contains various cases that may take place at work. The main contents of the labor law, which may help not only workers but also business operators, are grouped in the form of workbooks.

According to the guide, in the case of Han, "When writing a labor contract later, it should be based on the very date of preparation (today), and there is a working start date in the standard labor contract No. 1, so you can specify the date you started working." However, it added, "The start date of work is important in calculating severance pay, so you must remember it."

Gangdong-gu explained that this guide is a guideline that summarizes different labor law cases and information according to working conditions by age group, occupation and employment type. Reflecting regional characteristics, it carefully guides tailored to the region. For example, in the case of Myeongil-dong, where the proportion of youth population is high, it contains detailed working conditions that underage workers should know and what employers should pay attention to.