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Writer Lee Soojung
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Subject Gangdong-gu, Let's plan a program that we want to do with a dream smile and self-governing activities.

Seoul's Gangdong-gu (mayor Lee Jung hun) announced at the Dream Smile of the Children's Self-Governing Center once a month that it will present agendas for desired culture and sports programs and plan programs through the Dreamer of the Self-Governing Committee.

Dream Smile, which means hoping to get a "dream" and a "smile," is an open space for children and adolescents under the age of 18 except infants and toddlers, and plans a variety of programs for each store.

The first store (Gildong) operates color beads making, top competitions, and monthly cinema, while the second store (Amsa 1-dong) offers fun and fruitful programs such as Art Day (Playcon, iClay, etc.) and Hall of Fame (Sabangchigi, etc.).

The third store (Cheonho 2-dong) is a space adjacent to the children's park, and is used by many local children and offers new movies and music appreciation every week with Miso Workshop (wood art, cooking competitions, etc.).

In addition to cooking and craft programs, the 4th store (Myeongil 2-dong) and the 5th store (Gildong) of Dalnara can enjoy indoor and outdoor sports activities such as badminton, jump rope, and ball games, while the 6th store (Amsa 1-dong) operates cooking and crumpling (slime, playcon, etc.).

The 7th store (Dunchon 2-dong), which boasts the largest space, runs a book play program in conjunction with the Cheonho Library (leather craft, snowball, etc.), while the 8th store (Sangil 1-dong) leads children's participation with praise bankbooks and roulette snacks to increase satisfaction.

The 9th store (Cheonho 1-dong) will host programs by day such as Colorful Day, Byeolbyeol Workshop, and Movie Day, and will also hold Byeolbyeol Market in the last week.

The 10th store (Dunchon 2-dong), which opened in January this year, has 500 books and board games favored by children and teenagers so that children can relax and read.

Along with this, Dream Smile will host seasonal events such as Summer Dream and Dream Christmas, Special Day and We Shine Today.

In particular, this year, the Dream Smile Academy, which receives personality education and global citizenship education by store, will be newly operated, and a club called Dream Smile Commando will also form volunteer activities.

It also said it plans to allow various contents to participate in Dream Smile non-face-to-face on "Dream Future TV" in line with the COVID-19 situation.

In addition, Dream Smile, which shares the space for senior citizens, operates a first-generation and third-generation exchange program using holidays and anniversaries to form a bond between generations.

We hope that children and teenagers in Gangdong-gu will voluntarily plan programs to form a culture of self-governing participation to foster subjectivity and take the lead in promoting understanding and communication between generations, said Lee Jung-hoon, head of the district office.